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Conference Programme


Welcome and opening


Keynote >>> Prof Nicole Curato

Populism beyond technological determinism: A dispatch from the Philippines


Who is ‘The Other’ here? Gender and right-wing populism

One of the boys: On researching the far-right as a woman
>>> Tamta Gelashvili and Audrey Gagnon

‘True English Rose’: White women, ethnic nationalism, and the British far right
>>> Catherine Stinton

‘I don’t want you to be nice’: On emotional challenges, privilege and implicit complicity in white-on-white research on the far right
>>> Julia Leser


Lunch Break


Keynote >>> Prof Kathleen Blee

Challenging our own preconceptions when studying extremist White Supremacism


Fieldwork or battlefield? The risks of studying the far-right

Against gunpowder and cement urbanism: Challenges in engaging punitive urban policy and populism in the Philippines
>>> Maria Carmen Fernandez, Tanya Quijano and Abbey Pangilinan

Nationalist and populist sentiments in far-right discourses in Morocco
>>> Mohamed Salhi

Violence and the far right: Our ethical duty to the othered
>>> Ryan Switzer

Sociology amidst the right wing populism
>>> Kumud Ranjan


Tea & Coffee Break


Practitioners Meet the Challenge

>>> Sian Norris, journalist and author of Bodies Under Siege: How the far-right attack on reproductive rights

>>> Callum Hood, Head of Research at the Center for Countering Digital Hate

>>> Seyward Darby, author of Sisters in Hate: American women on the front lines of white nationalism


Screening of the acclaimed documentary ‘Unsettling’

followed by Q&A with filmmaker Dr Iris Zaki
Chair: Dr Daniel Mann

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